Visiting card designing and printing tips


Visiting cards or business cards gives the first impression about yourself and your company when you introduce yourself to a stranger. It becomes vital to project the right image that you wish to represent.

Standard visiting card size is 92 x 52cms, variation in sizes is good to differentiate yourself from the crowd but often bigger visiting cards are difficult to carry and they get ignored or binned if they don’t fit into the visiting card box. Smaller visiting cards tend to get hidden in the bunch as well. So selecting the standard size is the safer bet.

Printing on textured paper gives a premium feel but its generally more expensive than the normal ones printed on 220gsm. If you are planing to just give out your cards then its better to print normal ones.

Normal cards on 220gsm is also advisable  if you are planing to change it later and use it as proof.

Transparent visiting cards will make you stand out from the crowd but the disadvantage is that its only one sided.

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